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Transient Moments

2014. 9. 17. 11:57 : People

This is a picture that I have found from my old folder of Band Carrot and the Whips. By flipping through the pictures, I soon became nostalgic of the old yet precious memories. I am thinking about how transient a life is. Every moment that I savor right now immediately becomes a moment of the past. Regardless how vivid and exciting the moment was, it passes right by and can only be recollected by the footprints, only the projections of the actual experience. 

If one does not grasp every moment, the life will flow by itself.I want to fill it with something that I truly appreciate. Everything that I have sincerely enjoyed and found meaningful became a beautiful piece of memory while all the others that I did not bothered to care remained as the pieces of repent.

At the end, we all are living lives that cannot be repeated.Every moment is an absolute piece that cannot be retrieved again. I do not want to sit back and passively spectate how my life will flow. Even if the probable outcome is failure, I want to do what I find important and meaningful. Thus, even though my life may be filled with countless failures and only a handful of success, I would appreciate it as every moment was worthy for me and for the world that I truly love.

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